"Hack the Planet" Shout-outs

In anticipation of the "Hack the Planet" Digital album release, Classic Roots is extremely greatfull for the many contributors to the album and would like to extend the thanks and recognition to the many people behind this. Chi Miigwetch, Thanks You. 

I would like to thank Creator, Natasha Shap, My mom and Dad, Chantel DePerry, Nicole DePerry-Robinson, Andrew Robinson, Laurie DePerry, CJ Carney-DePerry, Brittany DePerry, Tony DePerry, Bruce & Chris Meeseetawageesic,  Claire Meesetawageesic, Bruce Barber, John Hupfield, Deanne Hupfield, Niimin Hupfield, Valerie Pemmican, Gordan Pemmican, Elijah Pemmican, Jared Pemmican, Jordan Shap, Andrew Kejick, Avery Desmoulin, Tyler Oktaba, Ashley Gagnon, Ron Kanutski, Jeannie Loranger, The Dimaline Family, Sheri Desmoulin, Danny Axent, Damien Gilbert, Jason Spun, Dave Zahodnik, Michael Thompson, Jordan Danielsson, Tim Cheppenko, Jordan Garb, The Meshake Family, Gustafson Family, Mosses Family, Giordano Ruberto, Caprice Ruberto, Gary Bannon, Kevin Belanger, The Outerspacerz, Joey Bergman, Samukera, Natasha Fisher, Sam & Matt Migliazza, Ian Akwenzie, Frank Loffredo, Angelo Daniele, George Dudo, Stephen Grey, Alex Twin, Steph R Wesley, Jesse Dell, Yasmar Bass, Len Jaroli, Cynthia Lickers-Sage, Garret Smith, Mike Demski, Emily Law, Santee Smith, Leslie McCue, Lindy Kinoshameg, Keioshiah Áyání Yazhí Peter, Dave Simard, Rick & Tammy Galati, Tyler Robinson, Anthony Laudone, Joseph Hersco, Marie Bowing, Kate McNeill, Tina Pizzi, Lazer Ashley, Ryan Mckillop, Ashley Meagher, Shelbie Macmillan,  The Baillargeon family, Mahogany McGuire, LONG LAKE 58#, Ginoogaming, Wemindji, Thunder Bay, Toronto, and all the Raver's across the world. 
Bruce Barber AK Management
Dave Zahodnik - Ascension Arts
Gary Bannon (Mastering Engineer) - GDUBZ 
Jason Spun - Spun Creative  
Jordan Danielsson (Graphic Designer) - Lost Art 
Kevin Belanger (Lead Engineer) - Astound Audio
Natasha Fisher - Website 
Natasha Shap - Natasha Makeup Artistry 
Sam Louis - Website 
Samukera - Website 
The Outerspacers 

Special Thanks to OAC:

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