Classic Roots Biography

Classic Roots, the enigmatic force behind the electrifying soundscape of the boreal north, breathes life into Electronica and pow wow techno like no other. Hailing from the Thunder Bay region, this award-winning producer, DJ, and member of the Long Lake 58 First Nation, with Ojibwe and Blackfoot Tribe, emerges from Mukwa-Dodem (Bear clan,) leaving an indelible mark on the music community with his unparalleled talent and meaningful collaborations.

At the heart of Classic Roots' artistic journey lies a deep connection to his life and heritage. By seamlessly blending First Nations melodies with Electronica, he pioneers a unique sonic landscape that transcends boundaries. His craft effortlessly navigates the rhythms of techno and house while dancing to the ancient beats of the Anishinaabe, establishing a powerful sense of cultural liberation that reverberates throughout the electronic music scene. Influenced by visionaries like Michael Klein, ANNA, Daft Punk, and Richie Hawtin, Classic Roots has honed his sound, harnessing the boundless possibilities of drum machines and cutting-edge software, such as Reason 12 and Neundo 12, to create his sonic tapestry.

While currently based in Toronto, Classic Roots carries with him the untamed spirit of Northern Ontario, a beacon of inspiration and empowerment. Recognizing the profound impact of community building, he passionately shares his expertise through soulful workshops that fuse dance, cultural expression, fitness, and DJing. These transformative experiences extend from the vibrant Greater Toronto Area to Northern communities, weaving threads of optimism and confidence in First Nations youth. Classic Roots is steadfast in his commitment to crafting remarkable music and sharing it with the world, narrating stories that encapsulate the audacious essence of the North. With each electrifying beat, he celebrates the unwavering resilience of his nation, reminding all that the pursuit of dreams is within their grasp.